‘theirs’ is the artistic name and art project of Spanish photographer Raül Santín. Born in Barcelona in 1995, and currently based in Berlin, his work has always been centered around shape and color, shadows and lights, and exploiting the intrinsecal beauty in all that might seem conventional at first sight, from architectural works to faces and bodies.

theirs’ portrait project is an always ongoing process of experimentation, in which the technical aspects are secondary, rather focusing on the body expression and trying to capture natural moments rather than directing heavily.

Raül’s passion for photography started during his studies at ESDAP Barcelona. There, he started producing his first series of architectural works, and it was just later, through friends and contacts, that he started finding his love for portraits. His stay in Barcelona until 2019 allowed him to get into the queer scene of the city and the locals, who were their first models and confidents. For him, capturing their alone moments was the best way to get to know them. In the latest years, he developed his career in Brussels and Cologne, and currently he stablished in Berlin, looking for new opportunities to showcase his work and with a photo book in the making.

Oh, and by the way, I also do graphic design.


Commercial Work