LlumBCN 2017

The second year I covered LlumBCN the creativity was magnified: there were lots of incredible installations, more visual and dynamic, and my challenge as a light photographer increased, yet being a mere student introducing himself to intermediate level photography. I involved more of my friends to participate and be part of my project, and eventually, the following year one of them also got encourage to photograph the event.


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LlumBCN 2016

In 2016, I discovered a new light festival in Barcelona. I decided to go there alone with my Nikon DSLR and started taking pictures. The overall result was a mix of abstract and light photography that turned out pretty well. I was specially proud of it not because of the quality, but because it added a new kind of perspective, a new world for me. It was different from what I used to look until then.

Back then I didn’t know it, but 3 years later LlumBCN has become a regular visit and every year I dedicate a special slot in my portfolio to showcase my view of the festival.


See light & colour on Flickr




This is my photography project. It started in 2017 and after two platform changes, here is version 3.0 in a more organised and visually tidy way.

As you know, Tumblr is not a suitable platform to share my content, so I decided to migrate to WordPress.

In 2019 the project is expanding: I will now add my product, event and concert photography to my works, besides my architecture and portrait works. The Instagram account will become a selection of all the work, and also you can see examples of my work in the portfolio tab in this same blog.

I also plan on releasing a fanzine of the portraits, called theirszine, in early 2019. Stay tuned for more news!