LlumBCN 2018

Once I gained experience in shooting at LlumBCN, I began to plan my photographic trips. Last year was a very prolific year as I started to make portrait sessions and fashion projects, so I needed to establish a routine, lists of necessities, and stuff like that. For the 2018 edition of Barcelona light festival the location changed: from the intrincate and narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter to wide and chaotic Poblenou district. The light installations almost doubled in quantity and the distance was longer between them, so it was nearly impossible to visit everything in a single night. I ended up doing two photography nigths to capture every possible interesting texture and pattern. I also involved my friends in more photographies.

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LlumBCN 2017

The second year I covered LlumBCN the creativity was magnified: there were lots of incredible installations, more visual and dynamic, and my challenge as a light photographer increased, yet being a mere student introducing himself to intermediate level photography. I involved more of my friends to participate and be part of my project, and eventually, the following year one of them also got encourage to photograph the event.

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LlumBCN 2016

In 2016, I discovered a new light festival in Barcelona. I decided to go there alone with my Nikon DSLR and started taking pictures. The overall result was a mix of abstract and light photography that turned out pretty well. I was specially proud of it not because of the quality, but because it added a new kind of perspective, a new world for me. It was different from what I used to look until then.

Back then I didn’t know it, but 3 years later LlumBCN has become a regular visit and every year I dedicate a special slot in my portfolio to showcase my view of the festival.

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This is my photography project. It started in 2017 and after two platform changes, here is version 3.0 in a more organised and visually tidy way.

As you know, Tumblr is not a suitable platform to share my content, so I decided to migrate to WordPress.

In 2019 the project is expanding: I will now add my product, event and concert photography to my works, besides my architecture and portrait works. The Instagram account will become a selection of all the work, and also you can see examples of my work in the portfolio tab in this same blog.

I also plan on releasing a fanzine of the portraits, called theirszine, in early 2019. Stay tuned for more news!